How to Configure Visual Studio Code Editor and Git bash with Python

In this article, we will learn how to configure Visual Studio Code Editor and Git bash with Python. It is the continuation fourth article of "Zero To Hero In Python" series . Writing Code in Python for taking the enjoyment of command based using Visual Studio Code Editor, first install git bash.

Zero to Hero in Python
What is Python 

How to Install Python
Git bash command

Configure VS Code and git bash with python 

How to install git bash it's steps are given bellow, follow it step by step.
Go to the official website of Gitbash and download it.

Now run it and click on next button

Click on next button

Click on next button

Again, click on next button. This message shows that  git bash is successfully installed.

After successfully installation of git bash.
Download and install VS Code editor. After install VS Code Editor.
Open VS Code Editor. Go to
Or simply press Ctrl+Shift+X now Extension box will open and type here Python.

Now click on install. After installed python reload it. For configure gitbash with VSCode Editor go open this link

// Git Bash
"": "C:\\Program Files\\Git\\bin\\bash.exe"

Now go to File->Preferences->Settings 
Click on top right pane and click on Show modified settings go inside and paste above URL. Now finally your Python, Git bash and VS Code install successfully in our computer system.
Restart your VS Code.

In next article we will show what are basic commands for git bash.

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